KD NUTRITIONALS is a subsidiary company of K&D Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC registered in the State of Maryland, USA. KD NUTRITIONALS is a leading importer/exporter and distributor of nutritional raw materials manufactured by our contracted manufacturers with world class quality in the United States.  



Our contracted manufacturers produce USA Made Chondroitin Sulfate, Bovine, Chicken, Porcine & Shark Cartilage Powder, Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder, Colostrum Powder, Glucosamine HCL & 2KCL.  For export purpose, we can provide USDA and US FDA issued/certified documents.  Our finest quality nutritional raw materials are from the best domestic sources mainly in the territory of US and some areas in Canada, including lands and sea.  All of our manufacturers have received Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificates at all sites, which guarantees top quality of our products through internal GMP education and critical quality control during the entire procedure of manufacturing and packaging.  To guarantee total quality control of our raw materials, our manufacturers conform to the highest industry standards possible.  Extensive and careful lab testing by US FDA approved analytical labs are utilized for each and every product to keep our own standards high, and the Certificate of Analysis is available for every product we handle.  



KD NUTRITIONALS understands that everyone needs to be competitive and profitable.  We take the long view toward business partnerships with you.  Based on this, you will find our pricing is structured to achieve your profitability and absolutely competitive world wide, and in the meantime, without compromising the quality at all.



We do more than providing the top quality nutritional raw material products on time.  We also provide US made nutrition supplements from bulk capsules to ready-for-sale products.  Formulations, consulting and other services are also available upon request.
                            All our products are manufactured in compliance with regulations of the USDA and USFDA.
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